Protection | Investment Services

Do you have an OLD under performing Annuity, Life Insurance Policy or or CD? I can bring it back to life!

We have 10% to 15% bonus on some products!

NOW for a limited time there is a 20% Bonus on your initial investment for a Limited Time Offer!

Tax Free Retirement Strategies:

Typical Client BEFORE:
80% Tax Deferred
20% Taxable
0% Tax Free

Typical Client AFTER Implement Plan:
15% Tax Deferred
5% Taxable
80% Tax Free

I can help you with a strategy that will have you in Tax Free wealth accumulation!

    Small Business Strategies!

1. I help clients plan their Own Tax Free retirement without having to contribute to an employee retirement plan. Plan your OWN retirement without mandatory contributions to your employee retirement plans. This is HUGE!

2. Offer Employee Non-Hardship withdraw options!
You may have the option in one phone call to offer your employee another option without market risk, loss of capital and reduce or remove your liability for the employee qualified (ERISA) plan

3. Improve your Cash Flow in 2 easy steps

4. Help your employees plan their retirement without it costing you a dime

5. Learn two powerful ways Pay OFF your debt in One Third the time

6. Key Man Insurance | Business | Partnership Buyout Plans!

7. Do a 1035 Exchange on your Non-Performing IUL contracts

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