Remember rates change every day and sometimes several times each day. :o)

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This week January 1, 2018 the 30 Year Fix in California is 3.875% for Conforming and 4% for High Balance Conforming, depending on your FICO Score, LTV, Debt to Income, Property Value, etc. Call or email for ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) pricing

1. To view the current weeks average rate as published by Freddie Mac go to: http://www.freddiemac.com/pmms/index.html?intcmp=CWS-HP
2. Scroll Down Click: Regional Breakdown

For the BEST rates on the market these are the general guidelines:
Rate/Term, NO Cash Out, WITH Impounds, Owner Occupied, SFR
• Equal to or less than 65 percent LTV
• Equal to or greater than 760 FICO Score
• Equal to or less than 45 percent Debt to Income
• 2 Years Consecutive Employment in the SAME field
• Reserves after close of escrow, generally 2 months to 18 months of the monthly Principle, Interest Tax and Insurance payment

Remember the bond market is antithesis of what we would naturally expect, meaning when the bond market is trending down, in negative territory rates are up and when the bond market is trading in positive territory rates generally come down.

It has been my experience that rates go up much more quickly than they come down.

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