Officer Training by Lisa Melby Skill Building on 07/30/19

Lisa Melby  Training| NOTES| Area 11 Council | Officer Training:


  • The Subconscious Mind has NO idea what time it is. It is running each of us in the back of our consciousness and control us like a puppet or marionette.
  •  Our mind thinks in pictures. When you say Table, you do not see the letters TABLE.
  •  Also, our mind doesn’t register the word NOT. If we say Not a shoe, we see a picture of a Shoe!  
  • Whatever you believe about yourself is true, once accepted with emotion, conviction and especially fear, that fact is registered in your subconscious as true   
  • IF you tell yourself, “I’m a nervous speaker” “I have to use notes to speak” etc. the subconscious will store that as truth and likely at the most inopportune time bring that to fruition to prove you are right about what you believe about yourself.
  • “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”        
  • Learning a way to Quell nervousness and also Write and Deliver Speeches in 2 hours or less would likely help recruit new members and also retain existing members


  • Breathe in through your nostrils and hold it as long as you can, then breathe all of the air out of your nostrils and repeat. Also, try saying to yourself “In” (hold the breath) and say “Out” as you release all your breath through your nostrils. When you breathe in, tell yourself; “I can do this” (hold) and when you breathe out, tell yourself “I am a good speaker.” Repeat this on your way to the meeting and at the table while you wait for your turn to speak at the meetings.  
  • Because your subconscious is working all the time from past experiences or “truths” you’ve told and accepted about yourself, you may have adverse reactions to other toastmasters or evaluators for no reason, other than your subconscious recognizes that person as someone else from your past with like or close to identical personality traits, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc.For this: Print the person’s photo and paste it to the wall or onto a couch pillow and practice your speech looking at the person’s photo to desensitize yourself to the feelings you have when you see or are evaluated by this person. This will anchor in your mind that this is the person with whom you are dealing and not someone like a teacher, parent or a sibling that you may have had bad experiences with in the past.


To cut your time to prepare, practice and deliver your speeches use this Formula:

  • Word Format Document
  • Page Layout: Margins: Normal, Font Theme: Calibri, Bold, Font Size: 14 

Prepare Your Speech:

  • #1. Open, #2. Three Main Points, #3. Two Sub-points each point  #4. Close
  • The above is the Master Formula Toastmaster layout for speeches.
  • Have 3 additional talking points at the Close with each speech to make sure you make your minimum time 


  • On the Right side of Page 1, number 1 through 10
  • Read your speech out loud in the mirror and mark your time to the right each time, 6 times
  • By the time you’ve read your speech aloud 6 times try to recite the 7th time without reading it
  • Now move to another room or another space in the room you’re in and say your speech out loud the remaining 3 to four times for a total of 10 times, marking your time each time on the right side of the page
  • Depending on your rate of speech, pauses, you may have to adjust the Font size lower to accommodate more verbiage to get your time to two and a half minutes
  • Notice that if you’ve gotten page 1 to 2 min 30 sec, that is less than a half hour of practice time and you’ve done the page 10 times in a row, searing it into your brain.
  • Follow the Formula: Open, 3 points, 2 sub, Close. Your brain will adapt and help you memorize by having the Formula implanted on your memory. The more you practice this with every speech, the closer you are to only having to write out an outline and nothing else!
  •  Repeat above Formula for Page 2 of your speech to meet your minimum time of 5 minutes 


  • Have 3 additional talking points to Close. In case you haven’t seen the Green light
  • Stories are EASY to remember and take up time! Even other people’s stories, tell someone else’s story if you’re giving a report with numbers or dry information, the audience will love it!
  • When you move along in the program practice your gestures, facial expression, voice inflection, within the speech. After several practice sessions this will come naturally and you will do it automatically.
  • Hold one arm at your waist, let the other arm hang down and it will gesture naturally for you

If you have questions or comments on the training I gave on 7/30/19

Contact me at: |  877-685-6631

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