About Lisa Melby

Lisa Melby – Firestone Financial Group

My expertise is in residential mortgages including how to manage your mortgage debt and assets to reach your financial goals.  I assist borrowers in financing Purchase, Refinance, Investment Properties & Second Homes, I also arrange financing for small to mid-size commercial properties. My main focus and goal is to get you the very lowest interest rate and fee for your specific transaction goals in the least amount of time and effort for you. You will obtain the lowest, and best prevailing market rate and pricing for your mortgage. I’ve been helping families for 19 years, serving the San Jose, Bay Area and California market since 1998. 

If you’re like the majority of Americans your mortgage is the largest asset and liability on your balance sheet and deserves the most thought toward planning and execution to assist you in debt management.  How you manage your mortgage, other debt and expenses can be the difference of not only your lifestyle it will also determine when and how you will retire.  My focus is educating clients, finding money that they transfer out of their household unknowingly, help them identify those funds and redirect them back into their family net worth, a personalized Mortgage Road Map. Most people do not understand the importance of controlling their money and are more concerned about managing their debt, some to the point of losing control of their capital.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting up a free consultation. Learn to manage your mortgage debt and your assets for Predictability, Liquidity, Use, Choice and Control of your Mortgage and  your money.

Licensed in Mortgage, Real Estate and Insurance, specializing in supporting clients plan, implement and achieve their mortgage, financial, and retirement goals. We will achieve this by defining both your short and long term goals and dreams through how you manage your mortgage, debt and current assets. I can help you manage your mortgage and your financial health to the next level with a strategy that is your own, personalized, unique financial, mortgage payoff plan and a retirement map through a mortgage strategy. I design a comprehensive 5 to 10 year plan in almost all cases. I have a proven track record helping each client to achieve the best results for navigating their unique situation personally with my expertise in the market and product knowledge. Let me help you and your family implement a unique plan designed specifically for you.

Call or email me for Current Mortgage Rates and for your Free Consultation and Mortgage Road Map!

lisamelby1@yahoo.com |(O) 877-685-6631 | (F) 408-351-4277 

BRE License 01230770 | NMLS 298325 | DOI License  CA 0843024 | MT 742264

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Lisa Melby |  http://www.lisamelby1.com  | 877-685-6631, All Rights Reserved

3 Responses to “About Lisa Melby”

  1. Sue Rainwater Says:

    Hi Lisa

    Really enjoyed your post today in Chrisman’s Corner of the world. Would you be interested in talking about career opportunities at Guild Mortgage? We’re moving, shaking and have some good stuff to take your business to the next level!!

    My number is 925.788.3199

  2. Mike Cook Says:

    Nice commentary on Rob Chrisman’s blog! well thought out and well written.

  3. independent mortgage broker and phone Says:

    whats up, love your blog about make money fast online

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