Non-Hardship Lunch & Learn: Safeguard 401k

Lisa Melby – Owner Firestone Financial

Lisa Melby – Associate Broker | Firestone Financial Group


Why are 95% of Americans failing to save let alone create a plan that they can count on now and in the future, for retirement and other life events?

What are the 5% of Americans that are either financially independent or wealthy doing or accessing that the other 95% are not?

You will learn how to safeguard your investments, with specific financial strategies and how to implement them

1 Market Risk and Market Loss
2 Tax Risk and Tax Changes
3 Employment Risk, job loss, termination, layoff
4 Negative sequence market returns 1st years of retirement
5 Inflation – cost of living increase risk
6 Longevity Risk – outliving savings and investments

Learn about the:
-Mistakes we are all making unknowingly and how to fix them
-What the top 5% are doing that the other 95% aren’t doing
-The most powerful IRS tax code and how you can use it
-Safe money investments that are proven and viable in all markets

When employee’s fill out their evaluation form at the end of the Lunch & Learn they viewed the event as very favorable, they believed it is valuable information and an Employer provided benefit

-Employee’s value Employer provided benefits, education, meals and loyalty

-You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by inviting me in to have a Lunch & Learn at your office. You will provide the room and seating, I provide the projector, screen and lunch for you and your employees

-Many times a huge benefit to you and your employees can be created with the education I provide and the employee views this as provided by the Employer

Call or email me to set up a Lunch & Learn at your office today!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon. :o)

Lisa Melby
Firestone Financial
Licenses:DOI MT 742264 | CA 0843024 | DRE 01230770 | NMLS 298325
125 Cedar Commons Ln., Ste. A, Kalispell, MT 59901
4010 Moorpark Ave., #104, San Jose, CA 95117 
o: (877) 685-6631
f: (408) 351-4277

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