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Lisa Melby | Expert Advice You Can Count On!

January 3, 2018

Lisa Melby – Owner Firestone Financial

Lisa Melby – Associate Broker | Firestone Financial Group

Mortgage Loan Broker/Advisor with 20 Years of Experience!

Helping borrowers buy their perfect home. Helping clients navigate the market to obtain the lowest prevailing interest rate and fees, with hands on assistance to fill out the application and disclosures.


• Expert market advice that is product specific and risk advise to lock to secure rate or float for a lower rate

• Manage borrower mortgages in a way that secures their short term and long term financial goals

• I’ll email you an Illustration that shows you the analysis of available options, differences in payment, rates, fees and programs

• Extensive and up to date knowledge of market programs

• Listen to client goals and make a plan with a map of specific steps for both of us to take to reach them

• Self-Motivated, Return phone calls same day

• Build trust throughout the process, I do what I say I’ll do, share any concerns at the beginning

• Assist borrowers in managing your mortgage and your financial wealth to the next level with a strategy that is your own, personalized, unique plan and the way to a retirement map through a mortgage strategy.


I assist clients in asset and debt management. If you’re like the majority of Americans your mortgage is the largest asset and liability on your balance sheet and deserves the most thought toward planning and execution, this is where I can really help you to the next level of wealth.

• How you manage your mortgage, other debt and expenses can be the difference of not only your lifestyle it will also determine when and how you will retire.

• My focus is educating clients, finding money that they transfer out of their household unknowingly, help them identify those funds and redirect them back into their family net worth.

• Most people do not understand the importance of controlling their money and are more concerned about managing their debt, some to the point of losing control of their capital.

• First I will help you obtain the very best mortgage, rate and terms. Then I will teach you how to manage your mortgage debt and increase your assets using specific strategies so that you have complete Access, Predictability and Use of ALL of Your Assets.

• You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting up a free consultation.

CONTACT Information:
O 877.685.6631
F 408-351-4277

DRE 01230770
NMLS 298325
DOI CA 0843024 | MT 742264